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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bitblade offers professional search engine optimization (SEO). Increase your sales with us by getting a better place in the search results.

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Why SEO?

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Higher range

With a good placement in the top search results for a keyword, you directly increase the number of visitors and thus potential customers on your website. SEO optimization also results in a higher conversion rate.

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Be found

Even though Google is the best-known search engine, it is not the only one. Many old and new competitors are grabbing market share. Don't miss this opportunity and diversify.

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More cost-effective in a long term

Since you don't pay for clicks with SEO, you save money compared to other marketing options. With search engine ads, you pay up to several euros for each click to your site. With SEO, however, you automatically get organic relevant visitors, which also convert even better.

How works SEO?

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On Page

With targeted optimizations on your website, its relevance is increased in the long term. On the one hand, this subarea of SEO concerns the content of the page: how high-quality, relevant and unique is it? On the other hand, the technology of the page is also important. For example, did you know that over 50% of Internet visitors view websites on their smartphones? Also, a speedy loading time is essential for a successful web presence today.

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Off Page

Off Page SEO is about optimizations that influence the rank of your page from outside. This includes, for example, link building. For example, links to your page are deposited on relevant websites. The search engines evaluate these links in connection with the relevance of your page in order to subsequently rank it better (or even worse). The presence in social media also has an influence on the rank and is therefore also part of the off page optimization.

Why Bitblade?

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Individual strategy

We analyze your actual needs and present you with an individual strategy. Free of charge, of course. You decide which points will ultimately be implemented by us.

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Online marketing experts

Through our long-standing customers and projects, we have been able to test a lot and know which strategies work. This lowers the required costs and ensures actual measurable results.

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We live innovation wholeheartedly and always pursue the goal of advancing our customers in the digital age. Because we are absolutely confident: "Who does not go with the time, goes with the time".

Get free consultation now

In a free initial consultation, we find out together which strategy is best suited for you. We will then send you an individual and non-binding offer.

Free consultation

Weitere Leistungen

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Bitblade is able to provide you with independent advice on a wide variety of digital topics. No matter if it's about blockchain, e-commerce, hosting or wordpress. We are happy to help!

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Search engine advertising

Search engine advertising (SEA) helps you instantly attract more targeted customers. With a paid ad above the first search results, your business immediately catches the eye.

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Through our expertise in web design, you benefit from a website according to the most modern standards. We put a high focus on user-friendliness and fast loading times.

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