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Bitblade is not just any system house or 0815 marketing agency. We have been living innovation and progress since our foundation in 2016. Since then we have experienced strong growth, which has only strengthened us in our goals.

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Our motto "If you don't go with the time, you go with the time" is not just a slogan: We firmly believe that constantly developing companies and adapting to new circumstances always leads to success and growth. That's why we have made it our mission to support companies of all kinds on their way to a digital future. So that they not only achieve savings through digitized and automated processes, but also remain competitive, we lend a hand here.

We have also been living these ideals in our company since the beginning. Remote work, virtual telephone systems, the use of messenger apps instead of e-mails, permanent learning, observation of trends and flat hierarchies determine our everyday working life.

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Due to our expertise in topics such as online marketing, web design, web development and sales, we are able to realize our own projects and open up new business areas in a short time. Therefore, we are already for some time with independent projects on the market, which go far beyond the service sector.

If your company is also out of date, feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation. We will make you fit for the future!

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